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Covering the UK with a national independent tyre management network including mobile tyre fitting units for tyre replacement/tyre repair/puncture repair on Leased, private and company cars, vans and trucks. Branded tyres and economy tyres for car, van , 4X4 and truck. Tyres are now becoming more technical. Runflat tyres, self sealing tyres, spacesaver tyres and yes now coloured tyres!! Tyres to match the colour of your car. Not sure it will catch on though. It was very popular with bicycle tyres , particularly BMX, but they all seem to have gone back to black round tyres again. You can be sure that the tyres we fit are optimised for your car and your wallet/purse. If you need tyres or puncture fixed in any of the following places: West midlands|Birmingham|Sutton coldfield|Leeds|London|Southampton| Luton|Manchester|Liverpool|Cardiff|Exeter|Bristol|Gloucester|Cheltenham| Sheffield|Grimsby|Newcastle|Hartlepool|Canterbury|Ipswich|Brighton| Torquay|St Austell|Edingburgh|Glasgow|Poole|Oxford|Wolverhampton|Walsall| West Bromwich|Bournemouth|Stourbridge|Dudley|Kenilworth|Tamworth| Derby|Nottingham|Leicester|Grimsby|Felixstowe|Blackpool| Solihull|Nuneaton|Atherstone|Mancetter|Rugeley|Uttoxeter|Stoke-on-Trent| Stafford|Dordon|Knowle|Berkswell|Sheldon|Kings Heath|Edgbaston| Bridgnorth|Shrewsbury|Telford|Cannock|Kidderminster|Coleshill| Worcester|Evesham|Redditch|Dudley|Penkridge|Warwick|Stratford-on-Avon| Hinckley|Loughborough|
At your home or business. Covering the whole of the UK, but predominantly Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and the West Midlands. At home or work is fast becoming the most preferred method of having tyres replaced. It is so easy. You check the price on the website then either book online or pick up the phone and arrange your fitting date. Originally the service was aimed at company car drivers, but more and more people now own their own cars. Therefore we have established a nationwide network of independent tyre  companies all utilising one single website and therefore one single pricelist. Because our overheads are so low our prices are really competitive and often we are up to 40% cheaper than main dealers. In addition more cars do not carry spare wheels and when these vehicles get a puncture we are often called to attend to fit a new tyre. The only other alternative is to have a breakdown truck take them to a garage and therefore there is a cost of recovery as well as a new tyre.
Car manufacturers fit runflat tyres, spacesavers or worse still inflator cans as a "get you home" option. All  in an attempt to save a few kilos in weight to improve economy figures. Runflat  tyres are extremely difficult to fit but all of our units are equipped to fit them. They are more expensive than standard tyres and once you puncture them they are designed to drive for 50 mile or so. After you have driven on them they must then be disposed of. You cannot puncture repair them. Space saver wheels are limited to 50mph and only have 3mm of tread. A new standard tyre is typically 8mm of tread. They are also limited to 50mph.
The newest technology is the continental seal tyre. This tyre has an additional belt inside the tyre which is effectively a "soft bitumen" type compound. If a nail pierces the tread you simply pull it out and the bitumen seals the hole. However it does not work on cuts in the tyre.
A few years ago a product called Ultraseal was marketed which was extremely good. You put a measured amount in the tyre when it was fitted. Effectively if you have a puncture the compound leaks through the hole and permanently seals it. The ministry of defence used this product and tested it on bullet holes!! The repair is permanent enough. It was ideal for caravan tyres ie a flat tyre on on a box you are towing on a motorway can be frightening. Ultraseal was causing problems on low profile high speed tyres because of centrifugal forces but these did not affect caravans which are limited to 60mph.
Another product in the market is TYRON bands. These are metal bands inserted into the tyre to stop it totally deflating and in some respects allowing you to carry on driving, Similar to runflat tyres technology. However they are time consuming to fit and the tyre fitters quickly moved away from these.
Mobile tyres nearly all the boxes for total convenience. Too many tyre centres poor reputations because they try to push more and more services and products at you. The tyres are almost a loss leader just to get you through the door. With our service we only bring what you order. We cannot carry rake pads , exhausts and now they even try to sell you car and home insurance policies. It is rumoured Tescos are partnering with a major car repair network and once that happens you will be bombarded with special offers on this and that and it is then that you need to ask yourself do I really need that? So often we go to the Superstore and they are experts at placing goods and iems they want you to buy in the  most appropriate place with special offer "tags" all over them. They just want you to buy them while you are there. Same with some car centres. They know your brake pads will do another 2000 or 3000 miles (half a years motoring for average drivers) but because they have you there they push these things at you. So if you do not have to go to a centre to have your tyres fitted then it can only be a good thing. So often we hear from happy customers "tyres and tyre repairs were  never so  easy". Try mobile tyre fitting .
Covering the UK tyres , puncture repair at your home of office. Mobile tyre repair are becoming more and more common as time becomes more important in our lives. It does not get any more convenient for tyres than mobile tyre fitting

"First time I have ever used this company before. They carried out a puncture repair at the office. The mobile tyre fitting unit was fully equipped and it was so easy. I carried on working and paid with my VISA card over the phone. Fantastic service. The company I work for have invited ASAP tyres to carry out a fleet check on the company cars."

Roger Booth
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